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Some information about Munchkin Cats

The unusual look of the Munchkin cats does not in any way affect its confidence and outgoing nature. This cat breed loves wrestling with friends and playing just like any other ordinary cat save for the short legs that are unique to it. It has been dubbed as the magpie of cat species thanks to its habit of borrowing shiny small objects that it keeps away for later play. Besides the cat’s playful nature, it does have hunter instinct and it will definitely chase up mice and any moving objects. It, however, generally prefers snuggling more than it does hunting. The cats are suited for home environments and have become popular pets for cat lovers.

Munchkin Cats General appearance

These cats come in different colors and they can have short or long hairs. All of the Munchkin Cats however have miniature looks and short legs. Their eyes are walnut-shaped, round, and big. They tend to maintain that kitten-like appearance all through their lives, making them simply adorable especially by children.

The coats Munchkin Cats

Munchkin Cats which are shorthaired usually spot medium-plush coats whereas the long-haired ones will usually come with semi-long silky coats. With this in mind, the cats do not require too much grooming Brushing your long-haired cat twice a week and short-haired cat once every week is enough to keep them looking good.

Munchkin Cats legs

Their short legs are the main identifying character. The short nature allows the cats to be extremely fast. The Munchkin Cats are amazing pouncers and sprinters but they do not jump as high as other breeds would. The hind legs seem to be longer than forelegs but even with the shortness they will jump on furniture and climb just like other cats.

The body of Munchkin Cats

This breed of cats is small to medium in terms of body size. Most fully grown cars will weigh between 5 pounds and 9 pounds. But even when they small bodies, they are muscular and stocky. They may have short legs but they have a very normal physique.

The backs

Unlike short-legged dogs which tend to suffer spinal issues, the munchkin cats do not develop any spinal problems even with their short stature. This is probably because a cat’s spine is quite different from that of a dog.

Cat temperaments

Munchkin Cats are pretty active and will constantly be exploring the environment around them. They love socializing with both children and adults, and will not use their claws as often. They are patient, sweet, and gentle and love to be cuddled and pet. Their loving gentle nature however puts them at risk with stray dogs and cats. It is best that they are kept indoors for safety purposes.

Cat health

These cats generally live healthy, normal lives, especially considering that they do not develop any spine and hip issues. It is however still of importance to ensure that you get your cat from breeders with written health assurance. To maintain overall good health, you should take measures to protect your cat from obesity issues; watch the cat’s diet to help it maintain the appropriate weight.

Munchkin cats are simply adorable and make amazing pets. Choose munchkin cat breeders [] you can trust when getting your cat so you get a top-quality breed.

Originally published at on January 6, 2021.



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